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Enchanting Mossy Forest: A Detailed Guide to Mt. Purgatory-Mangisi Traverse 2D1N

Entry point: Japas Jumpoff, Bokod, Benguet
Exit point: Brgy. Ekip, Bokod, Benguet

LLA: 2290m (Mt. Pack); 2080m (Mt. Purgatory); 2329m (Mt. Komkompol)
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Pine forests, mossy forests, Views of Benguet mountains

Let's get this straight. Here's everything you need to know about Mt. Purgatory. (As of December 2016)

-Registration/Environmental fee *P100
-Guide ratio 1:7
-Guide fee *P500/day
-Porter fee *P500/day
-Bunkhouse P500/night (for 10 pax) Additional P50 for every exceeding pax.

Please coordinate with Mam Serfina (09093917345) for the climb permit and reservation of bunkhouse.

Recommended Guide: Ate Helda (09485382856)

How to get there?
1. From Pasay/Cubao, Ride a bus bound to Baguio. *Php 455 one way
2. From Baguio, ride bus bound to N. Viscaya via Ambuklao. *Php 110 one way

Or you could rent a van all the way from Manila to Purgatory Jump Off. It should only cost around 14k to 16k only. Here's our contact: 09326688959 Kuya Recto.

Mt. Purgatory Mangisi Traverse Experience 2D1N 

The whole traverse is composed of 6 mountains. So let me share our story with these mountains:

Mt. Mangagew

We started our trek at 9am.
The first part was easy to moderate trekking with minimal assaults. For me, the easiest trail among the rest. Expect a beautiful view of pine forests.

We also witnessed a full blown rainbow along the way. 

We had our lunch before heading to Mt. Pack. 

Temperature was manageable until rain poured down. So we decided to open 1 bottle of tequilla to ease the coldness. Everyone had 2 shots but I had 3 shots plus 1 cute bottle of jose cuervo. 

It's a big NO. But the coldness was just too extreme. (But I admit I might have drank too much)

Mt. Pack

Mossy forest starts here and so the effect of the alcohol. I can remember myself uncontrollably laughing the whole trek of Mt. Pack. And as drunk as it may seem, I had my bag carried by Kuya Bon. Thank you so much and sorry for being a burden! It's because of the alcohol intake that I had the guts to make that huge favor. Hihi. (DI NA MAUULIT)

Mt. Purgatory

Still walking on a mossy forest. I believe I'm back to my sanity.

Mt. Purgatory itself has no view to offer except from its green signage saying its already the summit of Mt. Purgatory. Lol

We took a nap at the waiting shed for around 1 hour. So it was around 5pm when we resume our trek going to our campsite in Mt. Bakian.

Mt. Bakian

It felt like forever... 

Thus, a walk to remember. 

It's a good thing that its just plain walking. I can't remember taking too much assaults there.

Finally, we arrived at our bunkhouse 15 minutes after Mt. Bakian around 7pm.

The bunkhouse is clean and can accommodate up to 15 pax. 
Mt. Tangbaw

The next day, we started trekking around 10am. From our bunkhouse, Mt. Tangbaw is just 15 mins away. We left our backpacks in Mt. Tangbaw before heading to Mt. Kokompol. 

Mt. Kokompol

Another mossy forest experience.

Long but sweet because of its enchanting presence. 

After 2 hours we went back to Mt. Tangbaw and had our lunch. 

From Mt. Tangbaw going down to carao is easy as 123. I mean unlike on our first day. The second day was just really a chill hike. 

We arrived at carao and our van is already waiting there for us. We went to the Municipal Hall for registration and pay environmental fees. 

Proceeded to Baguio to have our dinner then headed back to Manila.


So yeah, Mt. Purgatory Mangisi Traverse on my own opinion is just really like a long walk. And if you're a fan of pine forest and mossy forest, Mt. Purgatory is the perfect destination.